Elizabeth Dreyer is Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT. Areas of interest include medieval Christian theology, spirituality and mysticism; the spiritual legacy of medieval women; theology of the Holy Spirit; theology of the cross; contemporary lay spirituality; the thought of thirteenth-century Franciscan, Bonaventure; and the Ignatian spiritual heritage. She publishes in a wide range of journals and lectures, teaches, and leads workshop and retreats in the United States and abroad.

The Cross in Christian Tradition: From Paul to Bonaventure. editor (Paulist Press, 2000).

Essays by Jerome Murphy O’Connor, Peter Gorday, John Cavadini bring to light rarely discussed texts, functions and images of the cross in the tradition. In addition to two chapters on Bonaventure, Dreyer provides an opening chapter of introduction and a closing exploration of ways to think about the cross in the 21st century.